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EU’s tourism conference showcases EuroVelo

Friday, February 15, 2019
The European Commission is organising a “Showcase Conference on Tourism” on 19 March in Brussels. The conference aims to highlight tourism projects supported by the EU under the programme for small and medium-sized enterprises (COSME) and EuroVelo has been selected among a number of COSME funded projects to be showcased during the event.

According to ITB’s World Travel Trends Report 2018/2019, the demand for outbound tourism for Europe continues to show a yearly upwards trend. Many projects are actively promoting culture and tourism to millions of travellers across the continent, such as the on-going EuroVelo 3 – Pilgrims Route COSME project promoting cycling tourism. Using 14 examples of good practices developed under the COSME programme, the Commission hopes to inspire more cooperation and participation from the tourism sector as well as reflect upon future EU support for tourism projects.


The conference programme consists of two main sessions, covering topics like public-private partnerships (PPPs) and innovation with the participation of the Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs and other key speakers. ECF Advocacy and EuroVelo Director, Ádám Bodor, will be participating in the panel discussions with other representatives of the selected COSME projects to underline the long-term sustainability, quality, and efficiency of the EuroVelo projects funded by COSME. Several EuroVelo routes have benefitted from the COSME programme over the years including EuroVelo 5 – Via Romea Francigena and EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail.

The event will gather up to 200 participants, including representatives of public authorities at EU, national and regional level, European tourism sector associations and tourism and travel industry. Registrations are open via this page.

The COSME project aims to strengthen transnational cooperation for the development of EuroVelo 3 – Pilgrims Route as a transnational and cultural long distance cycle route. The ECF is one of eight partners from six different countries.