There are three types of bodies involved in the organisation of EuroVelo.


The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), and more specifically the EuroVelo Team and the EuroVelo Council, ensure the quality and coordinate the management of the EuroVelo network at the European level.

National EuroVelo Coordination Centres (NECCs)

NECCs are responsible for the implementation, coordination, quality assurance and communication of EuroVelo in the respective countries, and they contribute to the governance and the overall goals of EuroVelo and ECF.

Route Partnerships

EuroVelo Route Partnerships support the development of a specific route, complementing the work of ECF and NECCs. EuroVelo Route Partnerships generally involve a variety of actors and can be related to ongoing EU-funded projects to develop a route or be separate, ad hoc agreements.

Investing inEuroVelo

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This section of the website provides links to relevant documents, studies, manuals and publications, as well as examples of good practices across Europe regarding route infrastructure, signing, marketing and promotion, cycling-friendly services, etc.