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More EuroVelo Route Inspectors training courses in 2021!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021
20 new experts become EuroVelo Route Inspectors this month after taking part in ECS training courses in Ruse, Bulgaria and Brussels, Belgium.

Following the first in-person EuroVelo Route Inspectors Training in over two years that took place in Budapest just after the summer break, two additional training courses on the European Certification Standard (ECS) and its uses to assess and certify cycle routes were organised in October 2021. Among these, the official EuroVelo Route Inspectors Training 2021 was held in Brussels on 27-28 October.

The ECS is a methodology developed by the ECF, which can be used to:

  • Survey EuroVelo routes to get a clear idea of the current route development level and identify the investments needed to improve the route's condition;
  • Survey other national/regional cycle routes;
  • Officially certify EuroVelo routes if the survey data meet the required criteria.

At the moment, the only certified EuroVelo route is EuroVelo 15 - Rhine Cycle Route.

Official EuroVelo Route Inspectors training 2021 in Brussels

Theoretical part of the training - Brussels

Twelve professionals from six different countries gathered in Brussels on 27-28 October for the EuroVelo Route Inspectors training course of 2021. Participants had various backgrounds, coming from national cycling organisations, tourism associations, private companies in the field of cycling, local government members, etc. About half of the participants were part of a NECC/Cs.

During those two days, participants learned how to survey a cycling route based on the European Certification Standard (ECS) methodology, including details on the infrastructure and services categories evaluated in an assessment and the levels of criteria that need to be met for a route to be certified.

The training included one day on the ECS methodology, a practical exercise in the field to learn how to use the ECS application, a theoretical test to verify the participants' understanding of the methodology, and finally the Ceremony of Diplomas as EuroVelo Route Inspectors.

Group exercise on infrastructure - Brussels
Inspector training in Brussels
Group picture on the field trip - Brussels
A new group of EuroVelo Route Inspectors!

EuroVelo Route Inspectors training in Ruse, Bulgaria - in the frame of Danube Cycle Plans

Theoretical day of the training - Ruse

On 21-22 October, experts from Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria gathered in Ruse, Bulgaria for a EuroVelo Route Inspectors training course organised in the frame of the Danube Cycle Plans project. This Interreg Danube Transnational Programme project addresses the challenges of cycling infrastructure development by setting actions to strengthen the three main pillars of cycling promotion:

  • Facilitate the development of cycling policies at national and transnational level supported by National Cycling Plans based on a common transnational Danube Cycling Strategy;
  • Support the provision of adequate cycling infrastructure by defining the Danube Cycle Route Network, developing common standards and deriving an investment plan to upgrade current conditions;
  • Increase the awareness of relevant stakeholders for the needs of cyclists and increase their capacity to promote cycling in the whole Danube region by implementing a mentoring system, inspiration events and national cycling conferences.

The two training days allowed the nine participants to get acquainted with the ECS methodology and app, discuss the details of the ECS criteria and network with each other.

Group exercise on infrastructure - Ruse
Group picture along the Danube, on EuroVelo 6 - Atlantic-Black Sea in Ruse
Successful participants with their diplomas - Ruse
Danube Cycle Plans

What to expect in 2022?

The next EuroVelo Route Inspectors training open to all interested participants is planned for the Spring of 2022. More details will follow. Stay tuned to the EuroVelo Route Inspectors Training page and the EuroVelo Newsletter to be informed of the next dates.

In addition to this in-person training, an online refreshment course will be organised in the beginning of 2022 at the attention of EuroVelo Route Inspectors who completed an training on the European Certification Standard (ECS) prior to 2021. Since the ECS methdology and application have been updated in 2020-2021, the refreshment course will cover the changes and updates that EuroVelo Route Inspectors should be aware of.

Registrations will be open soon. Current EuroVelo Route Inspectors will be contacted in December with more details.