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EuroVelo Route Inspectors’ Training to reach milestone 10th edition in 2023

Wednesday, November 30, 2022
On 4-5 April 2023, anyone interested in learning how to survey cycling routes and evaluate their quality using the European Certification Standard (ECS) methodology for long-distance cycle routes is welcome to join us in Brussels for a two-day training session!

In 2023, the EuroVelo Management Team (EVMT) will deliver the 10th edition of the EuroVelo Route Inspectors’ Training organised in the frame of the AtlanticOnBike project extension and co-funded by the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme. This project focuses on transnational developments of EuroVelo 1 – Atlantic Coast Route and includes an activity on training sessions for project partners to acquire more skills.

The training is open to all, and will be most useful to anyone planning to assess and evaluate cycle routes – EuroVelo or otherwise. This can include local government members, public cycling bodies, national cycling organisations, etc. Members of National EuroVelo Coordination Centres and Coordinators (NECC/Cs) can benefit from a discount to the training. External parties interested in the topic should contact their relevant NECC/Cs before registering.

The two-day EuroVelo Route Inspectors’ training was first introduced in 2015 and since then it has taken place every year in spring, except in 2020 and 2021. In the year 2021, the EVMT released a major update of the ECS methodology and app and organised no less than three trainings, as well as a refreshment course for previous EuroVelo Route Inspectors to explain the main changes.

EuroVelo Route Inspectors’ Training in 2022 in Brussels (Belgium)
EuroVelo Route Inspectors’ Training in 2022 in Brussels (Belgium)

Next year, participants are invited to come to Brussels on 4-5 April to learn how to use and apply the ECS methodology. The training includes presentations on the quality criteria and logic of the ECS, data collection in the field and how to make use of the data for planning and convincing decision makers to invest in route improvements. At the end of the training, participants will be tested on what they have learned and, if they pass this individual exercise, they will receive an official EuroVelo Route Inspectors’ diploma.

The ECS methodology

European Certification Standard Manual
European Certification Standard Manual

The ECS methodology, though tailored to survey EuroVelo routes, is also taught for assessing any regional, national or transnational cycle routes. It allows to pinpoint issues of security, comfort, accessibility and levels of services along the cycle route, and to identify needed investments to improve the route conditions. The ECS can help set up national standards where they do not exist and harmonise the different regulations in the European States. EuroVelo routes of high quality can also aim to be certified, confirming that they meet required quality criteria and can be recommended to occasional and inexperienced cycle tourists, such as EuroVelo 15 – Rhine Cycle Route.

You can find an introduction to ECS and its main aspects on this promotional leaflet.

An overview of the ECS goals, criteria and survey methodology can be found in the document Quality criteria for long-distance cycle routes.

Overview of the training’s programme

Tuesday, 4 April 2023

Morning: Focus on the theory of the ECS, covering the infrastructure criteria: continuity, route components, surface and width, gradients, attractiveness, signing and public transport.

Afternoon: Continuing with the ECS theory, focus on the other types of criteria: services, marketing and promotion. Presentation of the ECS application, the EuroVelo route backend and the next day’s field trip.

Wednesday, 5 April 2023

Morning: Dedicated to the field trip – practical training while cycling on a local route, in which participants can get acquainted with the ECS application. An occasion to discover Brussels the cyclist’s way!

Afternoon: Individual test on the ECS theory, feedback on the field trip and presentations on the certification and uses of the ECS. The training finishes with an awarding of diplomas to the participants who passed the test.


The training costs €125 for members of the NECC/Cs and €375 for other participants. This fee includes two days full of presentations, field trip, group and individual exercises, lunches, coffee breaks and individual feedback on the tests.

Other costs such as accommodation and bike rental are optional and at the participants’ own expenses, bearing in mind that a bicycle is required for the second day’s data collection and participants should specify if they will bring their own bike. For those who need a rental bike, the European Cyclists’ Federation will arrange it for €30 per participant. Transport arrangements are the responsibility of the participant.

Please note that all prices exclude VAT.

Deadline for registering

Registrations are open until Wednesday, March 1st 2023.

ECS - EuroVelo Route Inspectors’ Training in 2021 in Budapest (Hungary)
ECS - EuroVelo Route Inspectors’ Training in 2021 in Budapest (Hungary)

Online refreshment course for previous EuroVelo Route Inspectors

What if you took part in a EuroVelo Route Inspectors’ training prior to 2020?

In addition to this in-person training, an online refreshment course will be organised on 7 February 2023 at the attention of EuroVelo Route Inspectors who completed a course on the ECS before the major update of the methodology in 2020-2021. The refreshment course covered the changes and updates that EuroVelo Route Inspectors should be aware of.

Register here to the refreshment course!

EuroVelo Route Inspectors are requested to take a refreshment course at the latest 5 years after earning their certificate, in order to remain on the List of Official Inspectors.

Any questions?

Contact: Florence Grégoire, [email protected].

Visit the EuroVelo Route Inspectors Trainings page and the European Certification Standard page to learn more.