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European Certification Standard

The European Certification Standard (ECS) is used to certify EuroVelo Routes. Furthermore, the ECS also serves as quality assessment tool for national or regional routes. It can help to set up national standards where they do not exist and harmonise the different regulations in the European states.

In addition to the short manual, there is also the long manual with more detailed explanations:

European Certification Standard Manual (April 2018*)

European Certification Standard Manual long version (English)

  • Please note: the manual is subject to modifications.

Official ECS Route Inspectors have participated in the mandatory European Certification Standard training and successfully passed the Route Inspector test.

The list below contains the contact details of the Official European Route Inspectors:

Route Inspectors June 2019

EuroVelo Route Inspectors use an app specifically designed to evaluate long-distance cycle routes:

Download the new App

European Certification Standard app. Available for download here.

Collect route information data for EuroVelo routes

Please also have a look at the annexes to the ECS. These annexes provide many helpful examples:

Annex 1 to ECS: Continuity


Annex 2.1 to ECS: Route components


Annex 2.2 to ECS: Crossings


Annex 3 to ECS: Surface


Annex 5 to ECS: Attractiveness


Annex 6 to ECS: Signing


Annex 7 to ECS: Summary of changes to ECS Short Manual in 2018