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New Brand Guide sets a bold course for EuroVelo

Tuesday, September 26, 2023
The new guide is now available publicly as part of our continued effort to make the EuroVelo brand more attractive and accessible for all cycling stakeholders.

What image does EuroVelo evoke for you? Is it scenic rides, cultural discoveries, or the thrill of the open road? Or is it the fact that the network connects cycling professionals across 38 European countries? The new EuroVelo Brand Guide charts a bold new course for EuroVelo’s design language and brand development to capture its essence: authentic, inspirational, caring, professional and informative for both users and cycling tourism experts.

This new guide updates, and replaces, the EuroVelo Corporate Design Manual published in 2021 with timely and pertinent additions to help create a visual identity that is instantly associated with the EuroVelo experience.

So, what’s new?

  • National logos and instructions for our partners to ensure a cohesive way to showcase their collaboration with EuroVelo in promoting cycling tourism.
  • In line with the above, rules and examples of co-branding with EuroVelo for projects, events, and route development. It's like getting stamps on your passport, but cooler.
  • Precise guidelines for the design and use of EuroVelo route logos including variations for road signing purposes. The Brand Guide spells out exactly when and how to use these logos, making sure everything looks harmonious. Plus, consistency in signage reinforces EuroVelo's brand presence along the routes which partners can benefit from, and cyclists can rely on to cruise on their bicycles without a care in the world (also, check out EuroVelo’s new signing manual!)
  • Fresh design language and layouts for both printed and digital materials, making sure the visual identity stays as awesome as the ride itself.
  • Beyond that, you can find updated guidance on the EuroVelo logo, colour system, fonts, imagery and much more.
A taste of what's included in the guide. Download the document.

You could say branding is like a bicycle – you gotta have it in top shape for a smooth ride! Beyond the visual aspect, a clear and consistent voice and tone is a cornerstone of successful branding. As such, the new guide serves as a launching pad to dive into concepts to better define EuroVelo’s brand identity. The team is all hands on deck preparing a new Style Guide – an internal GPS on how to communicate about EuroVelo across various channels, ensuring that EuroVelo's messaging remains consistent no matter where you are tuning in from.

In a nutshell, the EuroVelo Brand Guide is not simply a set of rules and designs, it is a strategic document that reinforces the collaborative nature of the network, to make sure that the brand remains as vibrant and captivating as the journeys it represents.

Note: while the guide is publicly available in the resources section, only associated ECF partners will have access to the upcoming EuroVelo Brand Kit comprising of existing and new assets. You can find out more on the Press page.

Author: Omer Malak