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EuroVelo, ATTA and CycleSummit launch first independent cycling tour operators online survey

Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Despite the apparent boom in cycling tourism, there remains a need for more data to understand this emerging industry. To capture the dynamics and trends of the industry, EuroVelo teamed up with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and CycleSummit to launch the first independent online survey of cycling tour operators.

This survey sheds light on a growing industry by targeting cycling tour operators from Europe and beyond. The results will show key geographical and operational trends while also illuminating challenges businesses face in operating and selling cycling tours. It will show key decision-makers, companies, and authorities the needs of the industry and help propel the growth of cycling tourism, starting from the need for more data as organised tours are a limited segment of our market (7% of German cycling tourists in 2022 according to the ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis).

The results will focus on aggregated and global figures while keeping a keen eye on any potential regional and national trends. They aim to support tour operators themselves providing key information about the market, but also all actors in the broader cycling tourism ecosystem, from public bodies to cycling tourism advocates. The report on the survey will be accessible for free to all and will become one of the pillars of the EuroVelo Data Hub – your one-stop shop for all data related to EuroVelo and cycling tourism. It will join the Usage Monitoring Report, the Route Development Status Report, and the Digital Statistics Report as essential statistical tools illustrating the trends, successes, and challenges faced by EuroVelo and the cycling tourism as a whole.

Tour Operator Survey Banner
Tour Operator Survey Banner

The survey sees EuroVelo join forces with two critical players in the cycling tourism industry for the first time: ATTA, the largest global network of adventure travel leaders, and CycleSummit, organisers of a yearly business-oriented gathering for cycling tour operators from Europe and beyond. The three partners bring a wide array of experience and expertise to the table and can tap into a vast network of tour operators to ensure a far-reaching and successful survey.

Conducted over the span of one month, from 20 February to 20 March, the results of the survey will be officially presented at the 2024 EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference in Viborg, Denmark.

Do you operate or sell cycling tours and would like to contribute to the survey? Contact Agathe Daudibon ([email protected]) or Mark Sheridan ([email protected]).